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  • Photos and Video donated by The Center for Whale Research
  • Orca Illustrations donated by Uko Gorter Natural History Illustration
  • Spectrograms by Val Viers, Colorado College and Chrissy McLean, Port Townsend Marine Science Center.
  • Sound recordings by NOAA Northwest Fisheries Science Center; Chrissy McLean, Port Townsend Marine Science Center; Jeff Hogan, Killer Whale Tales; and Scott Veirs, Beam Reach.

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Other marine audio streams:

All photos are courtesy of Killer Whale Tales, Center for Whale Research, and Beam Reach.

About This Project

A growing coalition of scientists, educators, and citizens are working together to expand a regional hydrophone network in the Salish Sea. This website is part of the SeaSound Project of The Whale Museum and is an experiment in sharing real-time underwater sound. The goals are to monitor the critical habitat of endangered southern resident killer whales to detect orca sounds and measure ambient noise levels.

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